Award Nominee, House of Orange graduate, passionate lover of all things Hair & Beauty with a distinct, effortless style. This is hair & make-up artist Sabrina Dijkman in a nutshell.

After graduating from the famous, Amsterdam based, make-up school House of Orange in 2006 and getting her degree in hairstyling in 2008 at hair school Mogeen, the Dutch Sabrina got to see her wish come true. She became what she always dreamt of becoming: a hair & make-up artist.

Soon she started traveling the world, visiting fashion capitals like Paris and Milan while working for TV, fashion shows and Glossy magazines. Nowadays Sabrina is still involved in Beauty shoots but found her life goal in teaching. The latter brings her and her masterclasses all over Europe, sharing her passion for natural beauty looks and pro hair styling techniques that look effortless and beautiful.

Sabrina’s work, however, travels beyond the European borders, as she was also nominated in the United States for a hair award, and has been asked for several interviews for hair magazines in the U.S.

Over a decade of experience in the field and making women worldwide feel like their best selves underlining Sabrina’s motto:

“Every woman is already beautiful,
I simply highlight it!”