After graduating the famous make-up school House of Orange in 2006, Sabrina Dijkman, born and raised in the Netherlands, got to see her wish come true to be a make up artist.

In 2008 she got her degree in hairstyling after being trained by Hester Wernert and Siko van Berkel from hairschool Mogeen. With both make-up and hairstyling in her portfolio, Sabrina now had everything she needed to kickstart her career.

Soon she started working for TV, fashion shows and magazines. Some of the titles her work has appeared in are Glossy, Jan, Girlz!, Margriet, Libelle, Grazia,, Vrouw, Nouveau, Talkies, Flair, Telegraaf & Sp!ts. Sabrina loves that her work gives her the opportunity to travel the world. She has worked at many beautiful destinations, such as Paris, Milan, Miami, Mozambique, Tirol, Lanzerote, Bahamas, Bonaire and New York.

“Every woman is already beautiful,
I simply highlight it!”

Sabrina is also ambassador and trainer for the worldwide luxury brand Alterna Haircare. She’s in their European Creative team, and twice a year she get’s trained by the Global Artistic Director Rita Perna Allor. Together with Rita and other team members Sabrina helped create the Alterna 2016&2017 campaign look in New York.