These modules are here to create the best YOU!

This page is all about real HANDS-ON education. Physical classes in small groups where you will be able to ask all the questions that you have and solve specific problems you encounter with your work. The format will allow for detailed group feedback, which will give the opportunity to everyone to learn from each other’s work. There are five modules for you to choose from. Module one is the only one that is obligated, if you want to follow the other ones. Because we want to spend every minute perfecting the styles, and therefore you need to already master your preping skills! The dates of the upcoming classes you find below when you click the desired module.

Private Hands-on

This private masterclass you can book one-on-one with Sabrina. This whole day will be made to fulfill all your wishes! The masterclass will be held in Sabrina’s salon in Zwaag. Requirements for this class are: Your beautiful self and your model for that day. For more information click on the ‘Private one-on-one’.

Module 1: Perfect your prep
Module 2: Problem Hair
Module 3: Modern Bridal
Module 4: Pinterest & Insta hair
Coming soon: Social media & photo
Private one-on-one

Requirements for your Hands-on Modules

• Model with long hair ( Shoulder lenght or longer ) • Haircolor of your model is best with some color diffrence ( highlights, balayage etc) • Blowdryer • Curling iron 25 – 32mm • Maison Pierson brush ( or something simular ) • Large round brush • Y.S Park teasing comb or other tailcomb • Long section clips • Bobby pins • Hair ties with hooks • Hair ties small • Chopsticks •

For a Dutch explanation please watch the video.